Aegina - Moni island - photo by EK 

Aegina - Moni island - photo by EK 

Little gems soooo close to Athens!

Aegina - Temple of Aphaea 

Aegina and Poros

Aegina and Poros are two of the classic islands on the Saronic Gulf much appreciated by the Greeks. Trust them! They know what's good.
Aegina is the larger of the two islands, and is known for its pistachios and honey. Poros is smaller and is known for its pine trees, marble quarries, and Venetian fortress.

hydra castle

Hydra and Spetses

The traditional islands of the Saronic Gulf , where time stands still but life is vibrant. 
Hydra is a small, quiet island that is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. It is known for its lovely whitewashed houses and narrow streets. There are no cars on Hydra, so visitors must travel by foot or donkey.
Spetses is a bit larger than Hydra and has a more lively atmosphere. It is home to several beaches, restaurants, and bars. Spetses is also home to the Dias Museum of Naval History, which is worth a visit for naval history buffs.